Tulips & BellBottom Cuts!

Two most trending bottom cuts of this season are Tulip & Bellbottom. 

Tulips or Tulip shalwar has no. of different styles; side cut & center cut, some have pearls on them specially on center cutted shalwars. And the laces are back, being used on tulips. Laces are used on both types of tulips; Makes the look Desi plus Trendy.

download-4imagesimages (3).jpg

Now my idea is to replace perals by any type of  Embroidery ( on the full front cut ). I Haven’t seen this type of tulip in market yet. May be this is already done by any designer; I’m just sharing my thoughts/view. Pakistani Fashion Industry is too vast and its not easy to put your eye on every single thing.

Now the next thing is Bell bottom pants/trousers. It’s the fashion of 60’s. From Last few years it wasn’t in trends, but now it is again back with some stylish touchings.

Basically, Bell Bottoms  are the  wide pants ending in Bell Shaped cuffs.

Organza is use to design bell bottom pants ends.

Plain-Dye-Trouser-Eid-Wear-By-Sobia-Nazir-2016.jpgThis dress is by Sobia Nazir. I just want to put your eye on the bottom. Because may be my words are not perfectly describing my point of view. So I thought to show you.

Baggy shirts are perfect for Tulip & Bell-Bottom Pants.

And Tip for the fitted shirts is that they should be “A” from the waist. (upper body fitted and A shaped from the waist).

Girls Rule#401: Never stay a foot back from Fashion trend!


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