Muzlin Vol.2 by SanaSafinaz 

Sana safinaz’s Muzlin vol.2 [two piece unstitched] is like luxury in simplicity.I love it how team SS collaborate White with other cool shades. In my point of view, it’s perfect summer wear and should be in every closet.White is colour of summers. The floral embroidery designs enhance the beauty and working as hues to the prints.

Prints are way too cool. Organza & Pristine Pastels are my favorites. I just love ’em. How beautiful designs they are! Pastels colours add softness to your look.
The cuts showed are so good and you know what “good” means here; the one easy to carry & to look great.

And this blue one is like must to be in closet


Simply beautiful ! 💙
I suggest you to add any of the Muzlin Vol.2 into your Eid Collection. It will not disappoint you. Wear them at brunch/lunch in Eid days. You can also carry them at iftar dinners. Wear them with heels or flats both will work but I suggest to wear them with heels it will add shine in your look.

SS Rocks as Always ! 


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