Tulips & BellBottom Cuts!

Two most trending bottom cuts of this season are Tulip & Bellbottom.  Tulips or Tulip shalwar has no. of different styles; side cut & center cut, some have pearls on them specially on center cutted shalwars. And the laces are back, being used on tulips. Laces are used on both types of tulips; Makes the... Continue Reading →

Muzlin Vol.2 by SanaSafinaz 

Sana safinaz's Muzlin vol.2 [two piece unstitched] is like luxury in simplicity.I love it how team SS collaborate White with other cool shades. In my point of view, it's perfect summer wear and should be in every closet.White is colour of summers. The floral embroidery designs enhance the beauty and working as hues to the prints. Prints are... Continue Reading →


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